Hate to be that person but... "Battery and Thermals Survey" quest doesn't seem to be completing. What do?
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05.18.2024 01:26:48 - Toriella1 -
I tried this a second time and it worked. The first time I selected teh survey from the 'quests' page, and the second time I selected it from my control centre page. Perhaps try it again choosing it from your control centre?
05.18.2024 01:31:47 - Toriella1 -
This also might work for some... Worked by opening Alienware in a private browser screen, and then right clicked to open survey link. Control centre should show completed, even if quest says it isn't.
05.18.2024 02:05:05 - blalilulelo -
I did try from Control Center page before but didn't work. However reopening Control Center on a new tab then opening it worked so thank you.
05.18.2024 03:26:47 - emailmeintrash -
The surveys never complete for me I don't know why
05.18.2024 05:38:56 - S3C43TST4SH -
For me survey quest often don't want to work
05.18.2024 11:54:21 - Swadloon -
It always happens... I've already given up of completing those quests or finding any coherence on their weekly game score
05.18.2024 14:29:41 - LeNoob7 -
Thanks, opening Control Centre in a new tab and then filling the survey worked for me.
05.18.2024 19:32:32 - bcdusk2 -
disable all Add-Ons and tracking protection and try again. I would suggest the Android App but it got delisted -_-