The Elder Scrolls Online invested heavily in our community, giving away a tonne of keys and in-game goodies. Community support even after an event has met milestones may help convince possible future partners they'll get a good ROI, and could help AWA when they're negotiating events for us. Please consider picking ESO as your Choose Your Own Steam Quest and log some extra hours to thank them.
Starting on the 15th, ESO also lets you earn a DLC for free (more info in the comments about that)
Details about a special event to earn a Thieves Guild DLC and mo
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04.13.2024 01:18:36 - MysteriousMrX -
Details about how to earn the DLC for free and how you can also earn a mount for free once you have the DLC here:
04.13.2024 03:50:09 - T4bletopG4mes -
Im guessing it applies on all platforms?
04.13.2024 17:33:30 - TurdFerguson87 -
And I thought it was trouble enough to download the game. Now it says I have to download it again and do things to get this. Cheese n rice.
04.13.2024 21:53:49 - MysteriousMrX -
@T4bletopG4mes If you're talking about earning the DLC, you should be able to do it on any platform (if you link your accounts for all platforms on the ESO website first, once you get the DLC, my understanding is ownership of the DLC should
04.13.2024 21:55:05 - MysteriousMrX -
propagate to all platforms; though, it'll show owned in the ESO launcher, but not on the other platform stores). Since some people aren't clear about the AWA Community and Steam quests, I'll also mention that ownership on Steam is the only
04.13.2024 21:56:10 - MysteriousMrX -
way hours can be counted for those at the moment, but they are keeping any eye out to bringing other platforms in once other platforms add the necessary functionality of reporting play hours.
04.14.2024 10:33:24 - T4bletopG4mes -
@TurdFerguson87 Thankfully GeForce Now seems to have the game available!
04.14.2024 10:50:38 - MysteriousMrX -
Oh, wow. I'd checked GeForce Now when the AWA Community Event was first announced, and it wasn't on there then, but I guess it was added days later. Wish I'd known sooner. That probably would've helped some people participate in the event.
04.14.2024 14:45:43 - TurdFerguson87 -
@MysteriousMrX It might not have been intuitive. It doesn't appear available on mobile. I haven't used GFN for years and I had to make sure my accounts were synced. I didn't realize this was an option, but I got it to work now that I know.
04.14.2024 15:22:16 - TurdFerguson87 -
Actually, in fact, there is a 21 game discrepancy between mobile and the browser/launcher. It's not ideal, but this may work for me just for logging in and getting daily rewards. YMMV.