Twitch isn't awarding ARP Points for viewing, anyone have a solution? Yes, my accounts are linked.
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06.03.2024 19:25:22 - krishtian -
Scroll down until you see AWA widget saying "Hooray bla bla bla"
06.03.2024 19:31:58 - ColbieJones.TV -
I do not have that - it just says connect to AWA on Twitch. I already did that. I even disconnected and reconnected. From what I see on reddit it's very buggy :(
06.04.2024 02:20:56 - Foolish_Imp -
@ColbieJones.TV, the thing @krishtian is talking about is on the participating streamers page. When you click a stream, scroll down and click the checkmark on the bottom of the AWA banner thing.
06.04.2024 05:47:46 - j​k -
Due to aggressive caching on AWA's side you may need to wait a couple minutes for the widget to update after you've connected your accounts
06.04.2024 05:48:54 - j​k -
If all else fails, I think my fix script still works
06.04.2024 15:07:19 - MysteriousMrX -
Unless they've changed it, your Twitch account had to have the same e-mail as your Alienware account, just in case your's is different.
06.05.2024 01:11:01 - enigmaxg2 -
Same here! Despite the extension saying "Hooray! You’re currently earning ARP the easy way!" I'm not earning any.
06.08.2024 04:21:57 - enigmaxg2 -
@jk your scrip worked for me! but just one time, the past couple days I went back to 0 APR earned from Twitch.