The Finals Community Event starts in a few minutes! Don't forget to reach your personal goal of 8 hours to qualify for all the rewards. Let's get those hours for the new artifact!
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02.20.2024 00:03:18 - herbsprovence -
02.20.2024 07:45:22 - AdriftOnASea -
There is no JOIN at the bottom of the page :(
02.20.2024 13:59:42 - Stranger15 -
My hours aren't registering. I have it installed, synched my games, have my Steam linked in to Arena for months, launched the finals from the event launch button, waited 2 hours for register delay. Nothing. I will make a post about it just
02.21.2024 05:30:15 - oteriba -
I keep getting an error when I try to run the game (not related to Alienware Arena at all). It doesn't say what it is, but the game does allow me to make a memory dump. Does anybody else get this? I can't do the Steam event because of this.
02.21.2024 07:45:53 - Alexandr789 -
What are the benefits of a Flux Artifact?
02.23.2024 02:31:55 - SH4D0WZ0MB1E -
Woo!!! Can help the community while I work on finishing the battle pass!