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Seems like a lot of people are having trouble with AWA today, mine is that i can't earn arp via twitch, saying i should autorize the app (wich have been done ages ago) even started earning arp on it today but got logged out then its not working anymore
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02.08.2024 14:19:30 - Pylawn -
Have you logged out and in again from Twitch's side?
02.09.2024 09:24:47 - bzhknight -
@Pylawn yes i did and didn't helped, but somehow the issue is fixed after a wshile so i supposed it was an issue on their end
02.09.2024 14:20:09 - Pylawn -
@bzhknight Oh that's weird, but ya, definitely could have been a Twitch issue. Glad it's fixed!