Artifact THEM Does anyone know what is the purpose of this Artifact since I only see the negative aspect (When activated, this card increases all ARP earned by -20%.)?
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05.15.2024 07:00:51 - anonumos -
it does not INCREASE arp, it DECREASING the earned arp, it's kind of the joke
05.15.2024 08:56:27 - Tmmimitw -
no purpose, it's the april fools artifact
05.15.2024 09:01:45 - Aradiel. -
You know how sometimes you're making too much ARP? This artifact solves that problem by reducing your ARP earning rate.
05.15.2024 09:17:33 - anonumos -
@Aradiel they should really consider transforming this into an achievement, equip "them" for a month while doing quests and get <<I play only on Hardcore difficulty>> achievement :D
05.15.2024 11:53:58 - lomaxgnome -
It's a stupid april fool's "joke" that only exists to confuse and disappoint people.
05.15.2024 16:36:39 - Fruit Punch Samurai -
"Found 04-01-23" I'm glad you finally figured out why your ARP was being deducted. Now, you just need to learn why to be wary on April 1st of every year. 😆
05.15.2024 16:45:32 - anonumos -
@lomaxgnome it's stupid and confusing only if you don't read the description carefully, then the fault is entirely with you; I see it as a troll/joke item; the joke is that they put "increase" and "-20%" together (1)
05.15.2024 16:46:46 - anonumos -
everyone pays attention to "increase" and maybe they are seeing "20%" not noticing the - sign :D
05.15.2024 21:11:08 - louvelyn -
The fact it is only available for purchase on the 1st of April was meant to be a clue... but hey, better to understand late than never! v^^
05.15.2024 21:28:34 - lomaxgnome -
@anonumos Considering how poorly the artifact system in general is implimented and explained and how nothing about its existance is remotely funny, I stand by my statement. The general inability to get good artifacts is trolling enough.