I really value the work you do at alienware, but why is something always bugged? either it doesn't count the points for one thing or it doesn't count them for another. Unofficial solutions, why doesn't everything work as it should? Right now 0 arp, my complaint is not for today, which you will fix as always, it is for the continuous malfunction of everything.
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03.27.2024 09:04:17 - Prosac0 -
they call it the AWA experience, it has always been like this, a rusty shack hold together by spit and gum
03.27.2024 10:45:36 - maramire -
Same here. I keep reading we are not the only ones. Mine has been screwed up since they redid the site.
03.27.2024 13:17:56 - kain_held -
It´s called "incompetence".