Can someone put a guide how to navigate this "relay". Are there threads with posts related to that thread or is everything just mixed together?
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02.04.2024 15:35:34 - TurdFerguson87 -
Think social media.
02.04.2024 17:14:51 - Tabbou -
I think it's random like facebook walls
02.04.2024 17:40:33 - jokerKEK -
yeah I hate this social media style forum. It was way easier before
02.04.2024 17:51:03 - bonkers0g -
I just end up doom scrolling in the vain hope of finding what I want
02.04.2024 18:19:50 - War_Child_82 -
Scroll till you give up... (fingers crossed they bring back a working forum)
02.04.2024 19:24:37 - DrMASE -
If you click on the "AWA Informatioon" on the Relay page, it takes you to most of the old forums.
02.05.2024 02:11:04 - bmendonc -
Thank you @DrMASE
02.05.2024 05:38:12 - AllTracTurbo -
This relay things makes no sense to me either. It's like it was designed by someone who just started using the internet or for the purpose of making the site so bad that nobody wants to use it. I just go to the old forums, but unfortunately
02.05.2024 23:50:04 - shadowsiam -
Or it's just someone went like "Oh people love Twitter so much, maybe if we make this like that we get same love...." (Wait it's X now :P [another stupidity but out of topic here] )
02.07.2024 12:11:06 - redpoison11 -
Where did forums went?