anniversary DRP rewards not credited? The first two days +100 and +200 DRP show in my arena rewards history but not on my dell rewards history. But the 3rd and fourth day +300 and +400 DRP do show on both sites. Did anybody else not receive the first and second days +100 and +200 DRP? I emailed is that the right place to request help? my balance is 700 drp I need the +300 drp so i can cash out the $10 amount. I get a lot of free stuff with drp, almost at enough for a monitor
anybody ever won anything on dell rewards website weekly spin game? ive been spinning once a week for months and never even won their lowest prize
Alienware Arena marketplace "dell rewards" options ending in 31 days? Hi everyone, on alienware arena, in the marketplace where you exchange your ARP for dell rewards points, the 2000 and 3000 points options say they are ending in 31 days. Any idea if these are being permanently removed from alienware arena? thanks