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any tips for a started :P

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ok try it some what frustrating at first trying to find others and when I did I did not know if they where the good guys or the bad guys. is there a way to tell?

Well, Thanks for the key. I tried it for a few minutes and its not a game for me.

game needs too much fxes at the moment but lets be honest is someone even playing i dont even remeber when i saw on someone lese than a bot

@1sTAndy try reading the online beta section on bombdogstudios website. Best chance to get human players is 1) at current prearranged times and 2) arraning a time yourself.


@cgorton there is no way to tell what build a player will come out with unless you spy their build in the multi-garage lobby just before you enter an arena battle. I may post about setting up a newbie friendly or training server to get people acquainted without coming across irritating player builds.

my question was/is about telling friend from foe. The game has serous potential and gets my vote

@cgorton I have made some changes in the next update that might make the friend and foe issue a bit easier. I don't want to go full blown in your face UI, so I am doing incremental tests. If I have to do the full out UI, I will though.