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 Alienware CES Mega Post 2019
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 FINAL FANTASY XV - EPISODE ARDYN “The Truth of the Lucii” released today!
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 God of War wins Game of the Year at the 2019 Game Developers Choice Awards
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 Tacoma for free in Humble Bundle
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 Albion Online going Free to Play
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 Beneath a Steel Sky sequel out later this year
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 The Witness coming to the Epic Store
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 Oxenfree for free in Epic Games very soon
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 Call of Duty: Mobile will be free and exclusive for Android and iOS
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 A new 20 minute video of System Shock remake has been released
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 Anthem patch adds Legendary Missions, new cosmetic rewards
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 New Sekiro mod gives better framerates
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 The Dancer - New Job Announced for FFXIV: Shadowbringers
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 PUBG gets ready for its second b-day
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 Get ready for Warframe's 6th b-day
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 Cyberpunk 2077 video goes behind the scenes with CDPR, recaps what to expect “when it’s ready”
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 ArenaNet wants to make it easier for players to return to Guild Wars 2
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 Moons of Madness, a new game coming from Funcom, has ties with Secret World Legends
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 Moons of Madness horror sci-fi scheduled for Halloween
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 Fallout 76 invisible teammate bug is getting fixed in the next patch
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 Stories Untold dev's Observation is the next Epic exclusive
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 No Man's Sky Virtual Reality Coming Summer 2019 with VR sneak peek trailer
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 Towers - Official Prototype Trailer 1
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 Sony pulls full game download codes from all stores
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