Alienware CES Mega Post 2019
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 Rocket League players on PC, PS4, Xbox, and Switch can now join the same match
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 Steam now has 90 million monthly users and delivered 15 billion gigabytes of data in 2018
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 Black Ops 4 Zombies Update And Event Now Live
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 2K And NBA Agree To Huge New Deal Estimated At More Than $1 Billion
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 Fortnite Season 8 Is Approaching, So Of Course A Mysterious Orb Has Shown Up
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 After Fortnite Lawsuits, Forza Horizon 4 Removes Carlton And Floss Dance Emotes
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 Aftercharge Launches on Steam!
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 Battlefield 5 bug that stopped level 50 players earning Company Coin is getting fixed
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 Psychological Horror Game Devotion Comes To Steam Next Month
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 This blind Counter-Strike defense secured an outrageous triple-kill
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 PUBG’s footsteps are a lot louder now for some reason
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 Assassin’s Creed and For Honor are crossing over [UPDATED]
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 The Humble Double Fine Bundle is Live
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 Valve announces 8 changes coming to Steam in 2019
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 Catherine Classic out now on Steam
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 Alienware's 55-inch 4K OLED gaming monitor is pure eye candy
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 Free Black Ops 4 Blackout Trial Starts This Week
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 League of Legends’ new dragon teaser channels Urf the Manatee
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 Rockstar Games Working On Several Next-Generation Projects
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 Frontier plans to launch a new game series in the next 16 months
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 Sweden adds Nobel Prizes and a teenage queen to Civilization 6
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 After Fortnite lawsuits, Forza Horizon 4 removes Flossing and the Carlton dances
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 Nvidia CEO Huang says streaming will “never” kill off PC hardware
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 Earn a lifetime supply of KFC by playing Call of Duty
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