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 Alienware CES Mega Post 2019
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 Gearbox announces Co-Op for Borderlands 3 with new Trailer and talks about Crossplay
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 Original DOTA Autochess is Finally Ready for Open Signups for its PC Alpha Test this Week
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 FOnline 3 is a fan-made MMO combining Fallout 1&2
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 A new Super Monkey Ball game has been announced
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 Teamfight Tactics got a Ranked Mode
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 Uplay+ full list of games available
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 Resident Evil 5 and 6 have a Switch release date
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 COD Black Ops 4's Operation Apocalypse Z available on all platforms
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 Uplay Plus is Launching on September 3 with over 100 games Available
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 Apex Legends Battle Pass
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 Game Freak's Metroidvania-Inspired Game, Giga Wrecker, Looks To Find New Life On Consoles
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 New Bethesda Game Listed on Amazon Could be a Fallout 3 and/or New Vegas Remaster
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 New 'Apex Legends' Character Prophet Leaked
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 Rumor: Next 'Assassin's Creed' Coming in 2020, Heading Back To Italy
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 Fortnite: Last month’s revenue down by almost 50% since December, as digital game spending declines
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 Fortnite World Cup 2019 detailed, qualifiers start in April
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 Two new screenshots released for Shenmue 3
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 Respawn "discussing" issues with Apex Legends' "disproportionate hitboxes"
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 Fallout 76 Patch available for download, full release notes revealed + free new content
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 Assassin's Creed Odyssey's New Game Plus Update Out Tomorrow; Full Patch Detailed
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 Devotion removed from Steam after getting review bombed by Chinese players
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 Funcom is making an 'open world multiplayer' Dune game
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 Objection! Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Defends Nintendo Switch On April 9th
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