Is It buggued time on site? 0 arp yesterday...
I know there are people who sell or trade games in the Vault. Is it fair to those who really want the game? Are they within their rights to do business? Would it be better to have a system that could only be redeemed in your account, if that is possible? I read your opinions.
Total arp earned today 0 Its a bug, what can i do?
I really value the work you do at alienware, but why is something always bugged? either it doesn't count the points for one thing or it doesn't count them for another. Unofficial solutions, why doesn't everything work as it should? Right now 0 arp, my complaint is not for today, which you will fix as always, it is for the continuous malfunction of everything.
Has there ever been an artifact that would lower the level required to access temporarily a vault game? I think it would be a good idea for those of us who still cannot access some tier.
STEAM QUESTS PROBLEM It's incredible, last week I was able to do the steam quest of team fortress 2
(I don't remember if I was supposed to launch the game). Now I see visiting steam and checking games like choice, but in this last option it doesn't do anything when I click. Help please, I did the thing of leaving the game on for 10-60 minutes and then adding an f2p to my library... But nothing works