So I know that a lot of people watch Live Streams these days, such as Twitch/Kick. I was just curious, does anyone actually use YouTube to watch video playthroughs and how to videos? I feel like that was much more popular years ago, but I still use videos to get 100% achievements, but I feel like the views are MUCH lower now than ever. Maybe because everyone is just watching streamers more often these days? What do YOU think? I appreciate all input!
Any YouTubers on here? I would like to Play XDefiant sometime with some of you maybe, or Borderlands 1-3 Series!
Twitch isn't awarding ARP Points for viewing, anyone have a solution? Yes, my accounts are linked.
How is everyone doing? Does anyone else make YouTube Videos and maybe wanna work together? I have 12,600 subscribers, looking to work with people around the same area!