Word on the street is little to no compensation for lost ARP due to Twitch glitches. Considering how they've removed ARP gained through glitches in the past, that's a pretty low move. A simple 25-50 ARP quest would likely make it fair enough for everyone. Would love to hear from the mods
02.10.2024 20:05:19 - MysteriousMrX -
Last I heard, they planned on adding extra ARP to other quests to make up for lost Twitch ARP vs doing a direct compensation. Has that changed?
02.10.2024 20:15:02 - Stygiansilence -
Could be wrong, but they've only mentioned "adding a few ARP to quests here and there". No guarantee this isn't chance based, or worse 1-2 ARP gains that likely won't add up to much. Will edit post a bit to be clearer
02.11.2024 04:41:30 - saturnine23 -
This would be a bummer. The update and UI overhaul has been a net positive but there has been a lot of community feedback and patience that went into the bug squashing.
02.11.2024 16:06:01 - Reiatsu -
They wont give anything, losing ARP is whatever for them, it's important that you don't gain ARP, that would be a big issue
02.11.2024 16:08:19 - Reiatsu -
That simple issue took 13 days to fix while we watched twitch for the same amount of time needed to get 32 ARP (1:30h), yet no compensation lol, apparently it's too hard to identify how much ARP everyone lost depedending on artifacts
02.12.2024 14:43:13 - Pylawn -
No, @MysteriousMrX is correct, we've been increasing the ARP from various other activities, like the weekend and daily quests, to compensate for it rather than just a simply lump sum.
02.12.2024 15:20:56 - Reiatsu -
There was no increase from weekend and daily quests @Pylawn
02.12.2024 15:22:01 - Reiatsu -
No increase from any other activity whatsoever
02.12.2024 15:25:50 - Pylawn -
@Reiatsu Last weekend we had a 30 ARP quest for clicking on a Relay reaction­čśŐ And there's still more things coming.
02.12.2024 18:53:19 - Reiatsu -
@Pylawn that was for the new Relay feature, separately, that has nothing to do with the twitch issues, but if there are more things coming, okay, let us hope they are indeed coming